Loon Lake Property Owners Association (LLPOA)

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The purpose of the Loon Lake Property Owners Association (LLPOA) is the common cause of maintaining, protecting, and, when possible, enhancing the quality of the lake and its surroundings for the collective interests of its members, other users of the lake, and the general public. To accomplish this purpose, the LLPOA shall exist to:

  1. unite property owners and other interested parties in this common cause
  2. educate LLPOA members and other lake users about activities that affect water quality, both positively and negatively, and encourage eliminating practices that degrade water quality
  3. develop programs that study, test, analyze, and evaluate water quality changes and how these changes relate to the seasons, lake, and lakeshore use and broader environmental impacts such as acid rain
  4. stimulate social and volunteer endeavors among LLPOA members and their guests for the benefit and interest of the lake.